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Bella Rielly is a multidisciplinary woodworker and artist based in Portland, Maine. With a material history and connection-based focus, Rielly makes functional furniture pieces and elements of the home-space to aid in the personal curation of life’s daily rituals. Her work revolves around assessment of the current moment and the overlapping energies which led to it, contextualizing forward motion with care, comfort, and sustainability. Drawing inspiration from the materials themselves and the stories they have lived, finished pieces form as collaborations between tangible memory and intended function. With the spirit of found object sculpture and collage, she joins collected physical scraps and thought fragments into layers. Supporting this object-based craft work, she engages with writing, photography, sound, and performance, as all senses and experiences contribute to making. 



Maine College of Art & Design 

Graduated May 2023 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Woodworking and Furniture Design 


Rhode Island School of Design 

Foundation year with an exploration into interior architecture


Boston University

Visual Arts Summer Institute through the College of Fine Arts

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