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Spiral Staircase




1880s pine beam from a barn in Groton, Massachusetts, 1800s pine beam from a home in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, pine wine boxes, found chair, salvaged newel, reclaimed oak, walnut stair, apple crate, salvaged thresholds, doorframe, baluster posts, staircase stringer, reclaimed douglas fir, pine floorboard, found burnt plywood, pallet wood, paint chips, maple storm damage, oak flooring, scrap poplar, salvaged metal brackets, rope, screws

This spiral staircase is a physical representation of mental processing. Using a collection of wood with varying histories, it invites a journey of ascending or descending new heights while walking in a spiral formation. A solitary act of walking brings you deeper inward, while allowing for the expanded experience of knowing the history of where you step. Created from a collection of wood from architectural salvages, past projects, local wood bought from individuals, found objects, and pieces given to me by peers, each step tells a story. The stories of each step are included in a handmade book made from the cutoff end of the central pine timber-frame beam, sourced from a demolished barn in my hometown. The pages of the book are made from a year's collection of teabags backed with veneer, as well as paper made from written drafts of my thesis, research articles, sticky notes, planning paper, and other paper materials accumulated throughout my thesis semester.

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