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Wine Rack




Apple wood from home orchard, walnut, cherry

This wine rack is embedded with love. The wooden body is made from the apple trees I grew up amongst in our orchard back home. Memories and milestones lived within their arms. After witnessing their bulldozed destruction, I wanted to honor them in a way that allowed for them to have continued love within the homes of my family. Intended as a present for my sister upon receiving her master’s degree in food studies, this piece is personalized through numerical considerations and reference to the apple crates within the orchard during harvest. My hands, having once climbed these trees, now listened to their internal structures and made decisions based on preservation and appreciation of the contours within the grain patterns. As with drinking wine, the experience of creation was multi-sensory, offering a distinctive sweetness in scent and tactile attention that gave time for processing the loss of these trees. The apple wood is in part supported by cherry, which references another special tree we lived with as children.

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